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Healing & Beyond


Build your healthiest, strongest self from the inside out. Master your mind and find balance within your body.

The Healing & Beyond Package is for those who have been hurting for a long time and are committed to rebuilding themselves into the best version of themselves mentally, physically, & intrinsically. These people are also driven to find the root cause of their “dis-ease”

  • 6 months of one-on-one advising
  • Nutritional Coaching for transitioning to or enhancing your plant-based healing diet that promotes healing & prevents disease
  • Lifestyle Coaching to form new, healthy habits that promote vibrant, sustainable health
  • Stress Management Training to regulate your emotions, strengthen stressor coping skills, and learn how to develop mindfulness in your daily life. Get to the root of your “dis-ease”
  • Personalized, day-to-day fitness plan to rebuild your strongest, healthiest self based on your goals
  • Mental Health exercises & guidance that nurtures the mind including meditations, sound baths, gratitude, writing prompts, visuals, videos, and more.
  • Weekly Affirmations
  • Healing recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks
  • Daily, full-spectrum nutrient, sleep, BM, and movement tracking & monitoring
  • Blood Panel Breakdown
  • GI-MAP comprehensive stool testingĀ (a $400 value at no additional cost!)
  • *UNLIMITED appointments & support
*Unlimited support and guidance is given to the client through the determined communication portal during our work together. Clients can schedule as many appointments as needed while the appointment schedule allows.