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Hello world! My name is Jake and I am on a mission. My mission is to help people heal themselves and build a community of people who can create, collaborate, and communicate a wealth of knowledge to heal Inflammatory Diseases – particularily Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Together we can heal.

Yes, you read that right. “WE” including me. I had IBD. Ulcerative Colitis to be exact. Healed it naturally and you can too!

I think it is important to share my journey with all of you in hopes of developing into a world-wide phenomenon that teaches others how to heal from their conditions. This is me peeling back the layers of my life–just like ogres and onions— to show you my truest self, my vulnerable self, and what I can do to help you!

I have grown a lot over the years into new abilities, new mindsets, and new experiences that have helped shape who I am today. Among other things, I used to think that having an IBD would hold me back but in actuality it has been the fiery jet fuel to power my bad-ass-badazzled rocket boots made of Vibranium that propels me forward with more strength and vigor than I ever imagined! *whispers Wakanda Forever*

Utilizing what I have learned along my journey to heal myself through various trials and tribulations, I hope to accomplish my goals of sharing and creating with you as well as getting to know you and your story. I want to share my ideas with you on recovery, health and fitness, meal plans, talking about the things we don’t always want to talk about, offer advice, take advice, and ultimately help change someone’s journey for the better.

I don’t have all of the knowledge in the world. I am certainly no doctor or body building champion, but I can promise you that any knowledge I have…I have to share. I am, however, a certified Plant-Based Nutritionist, certified Plant-Based Chef, and a former patient that was chained to Ulcerative Colitis.

I have a lot of background in the arts and love to utilize video, drawings, and music to help tell great stories and communicate ideas.

Everyone has a story to tell. Tell me about yours and let’s see where it goes!

Please message me your story, I would love to connect and share ideas. After all, humans are social beings and what better place to connect with other like-minded people than in a space created by us?

Welcome, & let’s get started,


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